HOT Backups to S3 Directly

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There are situations when to want to backup your data directly to remote location e.g: you are out of free space, you want to provide backup of data to your client or developers, the server is going to terminate shortly (abuse, default etc) and you don’t have free space to backup and download your data instantly etc.

For situations like those I have wrote a script which will directly backup your webroot and mysql database to S3 bucket directly (without creating any local copy before uploading to S3) and create instant public or private download links.

Download the script from here. The script required s3cmd installed and configured but don’t worry the script will take care of it as well, all you need is to adjust the following variables before executing it.


public: Yes or No (decide whether download link should be public or private)
tempfiles: Path where script download temporarily files
access_key: AWS Access Key
access_key: AWS Secret Key
bucket: S3 bucket name.
webroot: Path to your webroot.
db: Name of your database

That’s all, just update the above varibales and you are ready to take your backup. Backups were never easy before, isn’t?


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