Invalidate CDN (CloudFront) objects via “bash” script

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I have seen many people looking for how to invalidate / purge objects from CDN (CloudFront). I was also in need of similar when I decided to give little more power to my developers so they can invalidate objects themselves. So here is my little effort which will invalidate objects from AWS CF and report you when the invalidation is actually completed.

Prerequisite: AWS CLI tools

Once you setup AWS CLI tools and downloaded CDN invalidation script from here then you just have to adjust few variables within the script and you are ready to punch your CDN via shell.

Variables to update:

email: Your email address.
distributionid: Your CDN distribution ID.
json: Path to Json resultant file (contain links in Json format).
file: Here you have to put all links that you want to invalidate, one per line.

You can couple the script with real time or scheduled file system changes monitoring tool to achieve instant and automatic invalidation of modified objects.

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